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Branching out

I only have one friend right now, who is actually someone who knows me IRL, secret identity and all. I'm desperate for feedback and ideas and interaction, so I just +friend added a bunch of people and joined a few communities who had "recipes" as an interest.

If I added you and you want to know who I am there you go.
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Just saw you friended me. Have you checked mystic_recipes out? We've had some good recipes there. I have one sitting on my nightstand I've been meaning to post there, but haven't had the time to type it up.
Ooh, no. But I just joined it after following your link. Thanks.
sure thing
Hey there... I just say you added me. Hello! I'm sure I'll say more as I get to know you here!
Hi it's Andrea from Domestic_Diva's.
Thank you for applying, you'll notice I've approved your membership and put your notification up in the community. This gives you 24 hours to post the application, with recipe and photos. If you decide that the community is not for you you can choose not to apply but could you please let me know.
I smelled one too many cooking sherry fumes and joined things pretty willy-nilly. I don't think I'll join yours though, a once a week commitment seems too hefty for me considering I post like, once a month as it is. Sorry for being a bother.
That's fine, thanks for letting me know :o)

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