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I'm a lazy bitch and never update.

I've graduated art school with flying colors (2.2GPA heck yeah)
Now I work in a bakery! Making bagels, specifically.

It's a fun process, as far as a temporary crappy job on the way to an illustrious career goes...

First we mix the dough: High gluten flour (so it's extra chewy), yeast, water, brown sugar, bagel base (not sure what this is exactly) and then whatever extra flavorings- raisins, cranberries, powdered dehydrated honey, molasses (for pumpernickel).

The dough mixes for a while, then get the dough out of the mixer- usually 50 or 100lb at a time. There's a shaping machine that gets fed long sections of dough and poops out rings on the other side that get placed on plastic boards covered in cornmeal.

The boards go on a rack, get covered by plastic sheeting, and sit out in room temperature for about an hour so the yeast can activate and begin to inflate the dough. After that they go into the big walk-in fridge overnight to continue "proof"ing albeit more slowly and controlled.

The next day the bagels get chucked into the kettle full of boiling water, and get fished out with a metal catcher thing after just a few seconds. They're placed on top of these water soaked 2x4s (cornmeal side up!!) that have canvas cloth on the top side. sprinkle on whatever toppings you want- poppy, sesame, roasted garlic, floor sweepings everything mixture, etc.. In the oven they go- 550 degrees F for about 6 or 7 minutes, until they start to dry out enough not to stick to the stone surface of the inside of the oven. they bake for another 10-15 minutes.

Repeat a million fucking times for every 9 hour shift.

Did I mention I don't like eating bagels all that much anymore? :p
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